How do I make a reservation/payment?

First you will contact us to confirm the dates. Once your dates are booked we will create an invoice for you.

We will send a contract and instructions for the use of the house.

If you are booking many months in advance we take the first night’s rent as a non-refundable deposit to hold the dates.

70% (less the deposit) is due one month before arrival. If you are booking within one month, 70% is required up-front.

You will pay the balance, the cleaning and any extras in cash to Roman upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy

One month’s notice-full refund less deposit (first night’s rent $70)

Less than one month- no refund.


What amenities are provided?


There is a queen bed that sleeps two, a trundle bed that sleeps two and a small couch that could sleep a child.

There are two showers, indoor and outdoor, with very hot water.

The kitchen has a gas stove, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, a coffee maker and a juice squeezer.

There is an upstairs deck with a hammock.

Groceries can be purchased in La Crucecita. The two big stores are Soriana and Super Che.


Is there wifi/cellular coverage?


There is no wifi at the house but you can go into town where there are numerous bars with wifi or internet cafés. The tiny puebla of Copalita, about 7km away, has a small internet café.

At the moment there is no cellular service but a tower has been built in Copalita so hopefully it’s coming soon.


Is it safe?


The house is surrounded by an 8 foot fence topped with barbed wire. There is a safe inside for your documents and valuables and there are bars on all the windows. That said, please be careful with your valuables and don’t leave the doors or gate unlocked when you leave as there are people all around the beach who could gain entrance. It’s unlikely but better to be safe than sorry.

Why are there extras for cleaning etc?

We charge extra for cleaning and laundry because the house is very remote. The water is trucked in from the city and the laundry has to be driven back to town.

Is there snorkeling at Playa Mojon?

Playa Mojon is a surf beach. If you want to snorkel you will have to go into town to Playa Entrega or Maguey where there are gentle bays and also palapa restaurants. You can rent gear at these beaches.

Do you accept dogs?

Yes, dogs are welcome but there is a $10 per day charge to account for their extra dirt and water use. If your dogs damage any part of the house or property a charge may be levied. You are also responsible for cleaning up their poop, wrapping in plastic and disposing of properly in the garbage can.

Can I get a taxi from Mojon?

Roman can call you a taxi to come from Copalita to Mojon. Or you may see one on the road which can be flagged down. The Copalita taxi stand in La Crucecita is the best place to get a taxi home. Roman can tell you how to find this.

Can I drink the water?

The water in the reservoir is brought in from town. It is treated with chlorine but it’s not potable. You can buy large bottles of water from Roman or buy them in town.

The distances from...

From the airport to Playa Mojon–40km, approximately 30 minutes.

From La Crucecita to Mojon–17 km, approximately 15-20 minutes.

From the highway to Mojon–2km.

From Mojon to Barra de la Cruz–10 km.