Playa Mojon is about 30 minutes from the Huatulco airport and 20 minutes, approximately 20 km, from La Crucecita.

Upon leaving the town of La Crucecita you will pass the resort area of Tangolunda and arrive at the Salina Cruz/Pochutla T-junction. Set your odometer and turn right onto Highway 200,  the turn-off right towards the beach will be at 7.3 km.

You will first pass through the puebla of Copalita and then cross the Rio Copalita/Puente Majagual, the last bridge and signage before you turn right to Mojon at 7.3km. There may be a sign that says Quetzali, the traditional name.

It is a graded road, 2.2 km to the beach. As you approach the big white hotel you will turn left and drive towards the end of the beach. You will pass a blue house, a palapa and then turn left before you pass the big white house and you will see Cosijo.

Heading east, turn right to Mojon.

Heading east, turn right to Mojon

Heading west, turn left to Mojon.

Heading west, turn left to Mojon.

Turn left towards Cosijo.